Perseverance for the Actor


My name is Carolyn Crotty and welcome to my blog.  This is a blog for actors and anyone aspiring to achieve one’s dream as an artist.  I teach acting to kids and pursue acting on a regular basis.  Today I want to share first hand some insights I have on my journey as an actor in Los Angeles.  I auditioned for a play this week.  I had a callback.  And after the director called to tell me why he didn’t hire me, which I think is the classiest thing a director can do, he stated:  ”Wasn’t it great to just have that moment working together and exploring?”   In my deepest self, I thought YES!  Sure I was upset I didn’t get the part, but isn’t that what we do as artists, explore and discover within the moment.  And isn’t it enough just doing that?  I am done with being down for days cause I didn’t get a part.  Life is too short and moments are what we artists live for, right?  So, next time you get rejected, just remember that as long as you were in the moment and shined bright, and gave it 100%, the rest is up to God or the director.