Art as Canvass

I want to thank Roger Ebert, who I grew up listening to and relishing in his wise critique of the movies we love.  He inspired me as a movie critic and as a human being, especially as he ended his life.

I always think it is important to observe a person’s exit in this canvass we call life.  It is easy to begin and start out great.  For example, I have rarely met a child I didn’t like, but to march through life with passion and humility when one loses one’s ability to speak and eat and drink as he did, is to carry on with a magnanimous sense of joy, and courage. He is a true hero in my book and artist of the highest order.

Yes, he won a Pulitzer and yes he had a star on the walk of fame, but he showed us, in the end, true grace.  A canvass to be writen on even after his exit.  What will your canvass be?  How will you leave your mark?  I hope to be as brave as Roger was and as courageous.  He will surely be missed.